118 TALYA™ Sanvitalia speciosa LION CUB™ Rudbeckia hirta Talya™ Bright Mounded Qt, Gal Hanging basket Landscape Heat Tolerant Talya™ Great Yellow • Naturally forms a tight mound of emerald green foliage topped by pom pom perfect golden yellow yellow blooms with a dark chocolate center • Each flower is covered with a sunburst of strap thin petals, which do not brown or fade, but develop a contrasting red edge with age • Blooms June through October, both in the ground and in the greenhouse • Fast and vigorous Upright/ Mounded Gal+ Landscape 10 to 14in 25 to 35cm 18 to 20in 45 to 50cm Lion Cub 8-10 Brand N e w 24 View Technical Product Page Learn More <<< View Technical Product Page Learn More <<<