83 Stream™ Compact White Stream™ Compact Purple STREAM™ COMPACT Lobularia hybrid Qt, Gal Hanging basket Landscape Ground Cover Heat Tolerant 4 to 6in 10 to 15cm 10 to 18in 24 to 46cm Stream™ Compact Rose Stream™ Compact Violet* • Controlled growth in the greenhouse then continues to gain size to fill larger containers • Floriferous, ball-shaped plant structure • Highly fragrant, pollinators love it! • Flowers from early spring through autumn • Available in a range of colors • Ideal as a filler in mixed containers, hanging basket or window boxes • Heat and cold tolerant, very versatile Brand N e w 24 Brand N e w 24 Brand N e w 24 * Moved from the regular Stream series View Technical Product Page Learn More <<<