MILLION Col lect ionTM | Gypsophila B e s t S e l l e r M I L L I ON CLOUDS™ 7-8 mm. • A “cushion like” of small flowered Gyp • Full small ball shaped flowers • The inflorescence is voluminous with an impressive appealing overall look • Stems are strong and easy to harvest • Long vase life - over 3 weeks • Stems are easy to handle at post harvest and packing • In the field: • High yield • Heavy stems • Tolerant to soil diseases M I L L I ON STARS® M I L L I ON STARS® I I 5 mm. 6-7 mm. B e s t S e l l e r B e s t S e l l e r • Exceptionally long vase-life • Stable, yet flexible stems • Inflorescence shaped as a wide canopy • A multitude of very small white flowers, concentrated on top • Easy to work with • Available throughout the year from growers around the world • A wide range of sizes, with stem weight varying from 10 gr. up to 35 gr. • Small flower variety • Highly productive with impressive yields • Stems are long, thick and heavy in comparison to Million Stars® • Very voluminous inflorescence • Flowers are very symmetrical and appealing • In the field: • Tolerant to soil disease • Strong and erect stems, easy to harvest